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Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk

I, the undersigned, acknowledge that this Seniors for Nature Outdoor Club activity, in which I am participating, involves risks that are beyond the control of the Club and its event organizers.  Acknowledging said risks, I hereby release the Seniors For Nature Outdoor Club [aka Seniors For Nature Canoe Club], its contractors, employees, agents, assigns, and executors, from all claims for damage or loss, howsoever arising as a result of my participation in this, or any other, activity organized by the Club.  I agree to pay the cost of any emergency evacuation of my person and/or belongings howsoever made necessary.  I affirm that I am aware of the nature of this Club activity, distances involved, duration, and degree of difficulty, and that I am properly equipped and physically able to participate.  I have no medical, or other, condition which might preclude my participation in this event.  I agree to follow the directions of the event organizer.

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